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Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

Thank you Phoenix Tree Pros! We had an urgent situation with a tree that was blowing into our home during a storm and Phoenix Tree Pros were there within an hour all the way out in Chandler. Their team got the tree removed and hauled it away before any damage was done to our home.

Ken Dayton

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We have been babysitting an older tree for 2 years now and finally decided to call in an expert. Phoenix Tree Pros were awesome. They really knew their stuff. The arborist told us that basically the tree was dead and it was time to remove it. We scheduled the removal and everything was smooth sailing.

Robin Mazzone
Property Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

There were tons of trees removed on our property that we just purchased. The experts over at Phoenix Tree Pros were able to use their stump grinding process on all of the huge stumps and roots and get rid of all of them. Everything looks so much better!

Tim Reynolds
Home Owner

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We saw a ton of dead branches and leaves on our tree and thought it was a gonner. We called Phoenix Tree Pros and they sent their experts out. Turned out that we had a water supply issue and we were able to save our tree....thank you so very much Phoenix Tree Pros!

Isabel Garza
Cafeteria Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

The palm trees around our pool were not maintained when we bought our house. There were about a dozen that were dropping all the dead flowers and fronds into our pool. We made one call to Phoenix Tree Pros and got absolutely the best price and great service.

Clyde Winters
Home Owner

Phoenix Palm Tree Trimming & Care

Due to the climate here in the Phoenix area, palm trees are rather plentiful. With their beautiful and breathtaking appearance comes quite a bit of maintenance. Phoenix Tree Pros are experts in the palm tree trimming business. We have the largest and latest equipment to handle all palm tree trimming jobs. From the latest fleet of cherry pickers and cranes as well as high end shredders to ensure a completely efficient clean up. Once we take on a palm tree trimming job, we do it right from beginning to end.

Palm Tree Trimming Service Area

Serving all of Maricopa and Pima counties, Phoenix Tree Pros has you covered for any and all your palm tree trimming needs. We can provide tree trimming to residential properties, apartment communities, commercial shopping and business centers as well as contracts for ongoing home owner associations. Our staff has all the experience and is extra cautious while we perform our palm tree trimming service. We are always extremely careful not to ever put our team or the general public in any harms way as we provide the palm tree trimming service.

When do we know that it is time to trim our palm trees?

That is one of the most asked questions we get. The most important reason to keep up with the palm tree trimming process is the actual health and well being of your palm tree or trees. As brand new palm fronds grow on the tree, the older layers begin to die off. This is when palm trees can become a true maintenance nightmare. The trees start to shed off all of the dead fronds and flowers creating a huge mess in the landscape below and surrounding the tree. The fronds and flowers are very light in weight making them very easy to blow in the wind and create even a larger area to be effected. That being said, here in Phoenix, the palm tree trimming process probably should be done about twice per year. Most likely end of fall and end of spring.

Benefits of a Palm Tree Trimming Program

By keeping up with the trimming program, you will ensure the longevity of the tree and give it the ability to thrive and grow. It will also detour and fungus or diseases from overtaking the palm forcing it to actually have to be removed in some cases. Dead palm fronds on a palm tree can become the perfect nesting area for all types of critters as well as bee hives. Rats and rodents particularly seem to love the shelter that dead fronds provide and actually protect them from other predators. The issues can become a severe issue for a property as the infestation can travel to other areas and become quite difficult to remove.

One huge factor and reason to keep your palm trees trimmed is the threat of fire. Dead and dry palm tree fronds are a serious fire hazard and highly flammable. They can ignite in literally seconds. Once any fronds or flowers are ignited, they can become something like a fire torch. If there is wind, they can travel from tree to tree or even structures nearby causing additional damage. This can be a truly devastating problem if there are a lot of palm trees that have not been trimmed in one specific area. By keeping the palm tree trimming process consistent, you will eliminate the threat of damage and help keep the tree healthy and growing strong for years to come.

Keeping the trees properly and professionally trimmed allows the appropriate amount of sunlight to shine into the inner part of the tree. Exposing the tree to more sunlight will enhance the growth of the tree and keep it healthy. Phoenix Tree Pros are just that, extremely professional. We have the knowledge of just how much of a tree can can safely be removed without causing any stress or damage to the palm tree. We remove any dead fronds, flowers and even the fruit that can grow in a tree. By removing these items, we also eliminate all the potential issues that may arise in regards to a nearby power source or structure.

Why do you need professionals doing your palm tree trimming?

Over trimming a palm tree can be dangerous as well as it lets additional sun actually penetrate into the core of the tree. This can actually cause the tree to be over exposed and burn from the sunlight. The main goal in palm tree trimming is to make the tree appear clean and healthy and not trim the tree beyond its needs. Over-trimming a palm tree can also cause an intense amount of stress to the tree which could result in slower growth or even die.

Pools vs palm trees

This is not always a great idea. Even though palm trees look amazing around a pool area, they can really reak havoc with a swimming pool. When the palm tree fronds and the flowers are blown into a pool, this creates a chemical reaction. That reaction can cause quite a bit of maintenance for a pool cleaning service as it throws all the chemicals in the pool off. This process starts to crate algae, mold and fungi growing in the pool and then you just have one vicious circle of work between the pool and the trees.

They say that first impressions are everything.

That goes for one of the largest, most seen objects on your property....your palm trees. In fact, studies show that buyers and tenants notice palm trees upon arriving to a property. Keeping up with the palm tree trimming schedule will not only enhance the appearance of your property, but it will most likely also enhance the properties value. It is a fact that both residential, commercial and rental properties tend to fetch higher purchase prices as well as monthly leases and rents.

Phoenix Tree Pros are the go to experts when it comes to palm tree trimming. We always arrive on time and stay on track as to when the job is to be complete. We are a licensed and bonded company with over 20 years of experience. Family owned and operated here in the Phoenix area gives us the ability to handle everything from one tree to hundreds of palm trees. No job is ever too small or too large. We have the staff and the capacity to handle any palm tree trimming job without any issues. Give us a call today so we can provide you or your business with a free, no obligation estimate. Let's get you on our calendar now as spaces are filling up quick.

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