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Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

Thank you Phoenix Tree Pros! We had an urgent situation with a tree that was blowing into our home during a storm and Phoenix Tree Pros were there within an hour all the way out in Chandler. Their team got the tree removed and hauled it away before any damage was done to our home.

Ken Dayton

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We have been babysitting an older tree for 2 years now and finally decided to call in an expert. Phoenix Tree Pros were awesome. They really knew their stuff. The arborist told us that basically the tree was dead and it was time to remove it. We scheduled the removal and everything was smooth sailing.

Robin Mazzone
Property Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

There were tons of trees removed on our property that we just purchased. The experts over at Phoenix Tree Pros were able to use their stump grinding process on all of the huge stumps and roots and get rid of all of them. Everything looks so much better!

Tim Reynolds
Home Owner

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We saw a ton of dead branches and leaves on our tree and thought it was a gonner. We called Phoenix Tree Pros and they sent their experts out. Turned out that we had a water supply issue and we were able to save our tree....thank you so very much Phoenix Tree Pros!

Isabel Garza
Cafeteria Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

The palm trees around our pool were not maintained when we bought our house. There were about a dozen that were dropping all the dead flowers and fronds into our pool. We made one call to Phoenix Tree Pros and got absolutely the best price and great service.

Clyde Winters
Home Owner

Phoenix Tree Removal

Here's another specialty of Phoenix Tree Pros - our tree removal service and stump grinding. Our team is professionally trained and able to remove the smallest tree all the way up to an 80 foot palm tree. There really is not a tree too small or too large when it comes to tree removal and our company. If it's a small residential project, we got it. If it is a major commercial tree removal project, we can do that too. We can remove any type of tree. If it is a pine tree, palm tree or basically any other tree or shrub we can remove it and haul it away. We also do tree stump grinding once a larger tree has been removed.

Safety is always first and we take tree removal service with great caution.

When our team is called out to complete a tree removal job, the first thing we do is to assess the situation and location looking for any hazardous issues that may arise. It is extremely important that our customers have the best tree removal experience at all times. During the assessment, we make sure that the area is clear and not only our staff is never in danger but also the general public that may be nearby. So many factors go into this process that it is very important to get it right the first time. Once a tree has been removed, we are very efficient in cleaning up the area so you would never even know that we were there. We remove any and all excess branches that may be left in the area as often times it is necessary to remove the tree in portions rather than all at once. This is common especially if the tree is rather large.

There are a ton of reasons why you would want to remove a tree...

There are a ton of reasons why you would want to remove a tree but one of the most common one is lack of water and intense heat. Here in Phoenix, we have incredibly hot summers. If the water supply to a tree is cut off for even the shortest period of time, this can cause serious issues for a tree. In this scenario, it is most likely that the tree will die. There are some things we can try to do to save the tree like cut off the dead branches and actually do injections to try to keep it alive. Our team will always do an extensive assessment before ever removing a tree.

If you have a tree that you are not sure about and want to know some of the signs that a tree may be failing - here are some of the signs:

  • If the tree has larger cracks in the trunk and the bark is chipping away
  • If there are finer branches that look twig like with no living buds or leaves on the end of the branch
  • Dead or hanging down branches towards the crown of the tree
  • Any mushrooms or fungi at the base of the tree
  • These are signs that the tree is totally failing or perhaps already dead.

Trees the significantly lean in one direction or the other can be a sign that the tree is stressing and having issues. Most likely, the tree root system is weakening and causing the leaning. In this case, the tree may have to be totally removed as it cannot be treated. A good rule of thumb is that any tree that is leaning over 15% from the base should definitely be removed.

Tree removal services may also be needed if a particular tree has grown too large for its space and tree trimming won't be enough. Such as a tree that is under a structure and now pressing and pushing until it causes harm to the building. If the tree grows close to any power source or cables, they definitely need to be removed or hopefully transplanted. Topping the tree rather than doing a complete tree removal can be beneficial to keep a tree in a smaller space.

Just like palm trees, any other trees can also get funguses and diseases.

It will be most likely suggested that we perform our tree removal services to make sure that other trees and foliage in the area will not also become infected. Insect infiltration is also a huge problem to over come and will often lead to the tree or trees being removed. Most pest control services cannot handle a large pest problem as they have to use too much pesticides resulting in danger to the tree.

Emergency Tree Removal

Yes, Phoenix has a monsoon season and it can be pretty harsh some times. Our team here at Phoenix Tree Pros has an emergency option where our customers can reach a response team 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We also work closely with all of our utility partners here in Phoenix in case a tree has fallen and now is a threat to a power source, gas lines or even fallen into a property. It is here where our team really prevails and goes into action as soon as possible. We won't leave the scene of an emergency situation until all issues have been taken care of and everyone is now deemed safe.

Just for your information, Phoenix Tree Pros has a great relationship with several of the local and national insurance companies. This is so that if you find yourself in an insurance claims position due to an unforeseen emergency, we can assist you with all your needs. We provide written claim information to the insurance companies on your behalf for emergency tree removal needs.

Tree Stump Grinding

Finally, if we remove a tree or you've had a tree removed in the past and there is a stump still exposed - we've got that service as well. We do a complete stump grinding to eliminate the appearance of any tree stump or roots. Stump grinding consists of a large circular rotating blade that is held over the stump taking piece by piece until it is no longer above the ground. The stump grinding process also works on larger roots of a tree that are left behind after it has been removed.

If you've got a tree issue and you need professional advice, give Phoenix Tree Pros a call and we can come assess the tree and let you know what really is going on. We're ready to help with any tree removal issues and even stump grinding and root removal.

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