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Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

Thank you Phoenix Tree Pros! We had an urgent situation with a tree that was blowing into our home during a storm and Phoenix Tree Pros were there within an hour all the way out in Chandler. Their team got the tree removed and hauled it away before any damage was done to our home.

Ken Dayton

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We have been babysitting an older tree for 2 years now and finally decided to call in an expert. Phoenix Tree Pros were awesome. They really knew their stuff. The arborist told us that basically the tree was dead and it was time to remove it. We scheduled the removal and everything was smooth sailing.

Robin Mazzone
Property Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

There were tons of trees removed on our property that we just purchased. The experts over at Phoenix Tree Pros were able to use their stump grinding process on all of the huge stumps and roots and get rid of all of them. Everything looks so much better!

Tim Reynolds
Home Owner

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We saw a ton of dead branches and leaves on our tree and thought it was a gonner. We called Phoenix Tree Pros and they sent their experts out. Turned out that we had a water supply issue and we were able to save our tree....thank you so very much Phoenix Tree Pros!

Isabel Garza
Cafeteria Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

The palm trees around our pool were not maintained when we bought our house. There were about a dozen that were dropping all the dead flowers and fronds into our pool. We made one call to Phoenix Tree Pros and got absolutely the best price and great service.

Clyde Winters
Home Owner

Phoenix Tree Trimming

Here at Phoenix Tree Pros, we have a dedicated staff just for tree trimming purposes. They are very much the experts when it comes to tree trimming and have tons of knowledge in the field. There are several reasons that you would want to trim a tree. Basically, it really depends on what type of tree you have and how fast it grows. Here in the Phoenix area where the climate is rather mild, trees can actually grow much more rapidly than in other areas of the county. This is going to obviously require trees to be trimmed more often. You can check our About page for more information.

Tree trimming for health reasons on any particular species is often referred to as pruning.

Pruning involves removing branches that are diseased or interfering with the actual growth of the tree. Oftentimes, tree branches will be infested as well. Therefore, tree trimming - or pruning really keeps the tree in a much healthier state and reduces the need for future corrective trimming.

Tree trimming can also simply influence the structure of a tree or how the way it grows. Pruning can be done to literally shape the tree to fit its surrounding environment or structures. You can actually stop the growth in one direction by trimming and encourage growth in another direction. By maintaining a healthy tree, it will actually assist in the longevity or length of life of the tree. It also will prevent the risk of falling branches and broken limbs down the road.

You know the phrase "5 steps backward and 3 forward". Well, that is pretty much true when it comes to tree trimming or tree pruning. When you go and remove diseased, dead or pest-infested areas of a tree - it does appear to be a step in the wrong direction. However, after a professional tree trimming process has been completed, the tree will thrive much faster and look much more beautiful. This is a major reason that you hire a company with well knowledgeable staff so that your tree is properly trimmed.

We get asked frequently about trimming a tree on the lower branches.

Often time, if you trim a tree and remove too many lower branches it can cause a weak tree. It's important that you only remove a few limbs less than four inches in diameter when trimming annually. The top of the tree - or the crown should make up about 60 percent of the actual tree. This leaves the lower area to make up the other 40%. If this ratio becomes flipped or not in these parameters, this will create a weak tree. Tree trimming is really quite an art and that is why it is important to have Phoenix Tree Pros on your team when it comes to all your pruning and trimming needs.

What is the best time of the year to trim a tree in Phoenix?

That's an excellent question and one that really depends on what type of tree. When you speak with our professional arborist about pruning, they will make sure that the tree is not in bloom which is typically in the spring. Typically, the best time to for tree trimming is anytime from late fall to early spring. Here in Phoenix, we have quite hot summers and that is not a good time to trim your trees - or pruning them for that matter. That can lead to actually burning a tree and causing the areas to die. A normal cycle for pruning is anywhere from 3 to 5 years but type, size and the health of the tree is what really are the key factors on when to trim or prune.

Understand that some trees will need to be trimmed just to keep in their current location. Let's say you have a tree that is growing under a house eave trim but the tree provides much-needed shade for your home. This is when it is most important that you have a professional tree service to trim that specific tree. It is a tricky process and one that needs to be done correctly in order to not effect the lower half of the tree. Our professional team can handle that task for sure.

There are actually seven different types of tree trimming that professional arborist will use to achieve the desired goal for the tree. These are the types:

  • Crown restoration
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown raising
  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown thinning
  • Vista pruning
  • Espalier pruning

Crown restoration is basically removing dead or decaying areas of the tree

Crown reduction is typically done to keep a tree from hitting or growing into a specific structure such as your home. This can also need to be done to keep away from buildings, signs or even lights as well. The reduction is also done keeping in mind with weather. If wind is blowing a tree, we need to make sure that it is not making contact or causing damage to the property.

Crown raising is tree trimming the lower portion of the tree in order to enhance the upper portion. This is also a difficult process and needs to be done by our experts in order to not harm the tree.

The most basic of all tree trimming processes is by far the Crown cleaning. This is the most popular of all the types that our customers frequently request. It is just that, cleaning dead, dying or decayed branches out of the tree to enhance its appearance and keep the tree in good health.

When you want to increase light penetration from a rather thick tree, you can have what is called Crown pruning. This can carefully be done to the top of a tree that will then let more light come through. It is similar to Vista pruning when you trim a tree to make sure a specific view or scenery will be always available.

Espalier pruning is rarely done.

It is typically done in small spaces to keep larger trees. This type of pruning is mostly common in Europe and not here in the United States.

With all of our expert knowledge, Phoenix Tree Pros is the pros to call when it comes to all types of your tree trimming needs. Just give us a call today or visit our contact page so that we can get you set up with our professional team. Tree trimming is an important part of your landscape and we are here to help. Our team comes to the table with decades of experience and our prices are affordable. We look forward to working with you soon.

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